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Who We Are….

Formally known as the "Society of Social Work Leaders in Healthcare", our roots are a group of Hospital Social Work Directors formed under the auspices of the American Hospital Association in 1965.  We are now known as the "Association of Healthcare Social Workers - Metro DC" (AHSWDC). 


The association was originally founded to promote leadership skills of the directors and to improve the psycho-social care of patients and families in hospitals.  Currently, our association supports the leadership of social workers at all levels in healthcare settings, including directors, supervisors, and  practitioners. Workshop and seminar attendees are strengthened by lectures and interactive presentations on subjects such as ethics, hospice care, supervision, group work, traumatic injuries, ICU and Emergency Room care, care of the aged and disabled, gender identity, grief, and other current issues


Attendees learn the skills of mediation, where communication and understanding between patients, families and hospital staff are enhanced.  Practitioner self-care, although not recognized as education for licensure renewal, is also an important topic to our group. Our key tenants are: 


  • Workshops and seminars for practitioners, supervisors, and managers

  • Writing and presentation skill development

  • Research studies to educate about social work impact

  • Awards, future leader development, and consulting/support services


The AHSWDC conducts two conferences annually:

  1. A one-day, six-hour CEU event in the Spring (two 3-hour sessions virtually since 2020)

  2. Our annual 3-day Retreat at the Beach in Ocean City, MD each Fall.


All our programs offer networking and social interaction. The non-profit organization prioritizes attendees' changing educational needs and provides continuing education that fulfills licensure renewal requirements in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. The AHSWDC is authorized to sponsor social work continuing education, and their interactive webinars and in-person trainings qualify for Category I continuing education units. The group is a small, voluntary team that aims to promote the profession, enhance collective practices, and provide quality educational opportunities, welcoming anyone interested in joining.


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