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How the Beach Retreat Began...

Our group used to have a “retreat” every fall. It was a mid-week, half-day, 3 CEU event, lunch afterward
and a race back to the office. Nice, but not very recharging, restorative, or relaxing.
Hal and Lenne Lipton were hosting the planning committee. Someone commented, “Wouldn’t it be
great if we could get CEUs for going to the Spa?” Much discussion ensued. We needed to provide a
weekend of good, legitimate education, priced so the average Social Worker could afford it, and within a
2–3 hour drive to the DC/MD/VA area. How about the beach? The mountains? Hal Lipton said he knew
a great hotel in Ocean City, right on the water.

So it began. Started on Friday at 1pm with a 3 hour presentation and break for tea (a freebie in the hotel
lobby) and hotel check in, A Meet ‘N Greet Wine & Cheese Friday evening, breakfast, and early start on
Saturday morning with a 3 hour presentation, boxed lunch, a 3 hour afternoon presentation ending early enough

for people to walk on the beach, breathe in the sea air, shop, play Putt Putt, nap.

Relax. Retreat.
Reconvene with breakfast on Sunday morning with one last 3 hour workshop. Done by noon. Then home.
One price for all CEUs for sessions attended.

November 10th, 11th & 12th, 2023 was our 20th Annual Retreat at the Beach. Some people come early,
some stay late, most love the crab dip, all love the change of scenery, networking, and ability to learn
while recharging themselves and the raffle prizes.

Special thanks to Hal Lipton, Lenne Lipton, Lynn Hardesty, Jim Zabora, Miriam Ratner, Adrienne Farrar, Janan Frey, Nancy Fox, Patti O’Donnell, Andrea Lev

Check our website for future dates and programs

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