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We Don’t Want to Bore You, But It Might Interest You to Know…

We’ve had an amazing group of presenters over the years and an incredible list of topics. The
knowledge that has been passed on to our attendees has been immeasurable.

Here is a small snippet:

Of Special Note
Patricia O’Donnell, Hal Lipton

From The Catholic University, National Catholic School of Social Services
James Zabora, Karlyn BrintzenhofeSzoc, Cathleen Gray, Sandra Crewe, Barbara Soniat, Sr. Ann Patrick
Conrad, Eileen Dombo, Linda Donaldson, Nancy Fox, Sage Bolte

From The University of Maryland, School of Social Work
Carlton Munson, Frances Crawford, Carolyn Knight (UMBC)

From the National Institutes of Health
Adrienne Farrar, Deborah Dozier-Hall, Lynn Hardesty, Eleana Nazario, Lt. Jonathan White (PHS), Jasmine

From Afar
Susan Saunders, Matt Loscazlo, Carolyn Lewis, Atif Qarni, Walter Kalman


Robin McMahon, Marcie Gibbons, Deborah Dunn, Jayneen Jones, Andrea Lev, Trent Lewis, Ann Scher,
Fran Zamore, Barbara Merlino, Mary Faith Ferretto


A Few of our Topics
"Ethics, Ethics and more Ethics" 

"Supervision, and more Supervision"


"Human Trafficking"

"Racial Trauma" 

"Trauma Informed Practice"

"Critical Race Theory" 



"Grant Writing"

Committee members over the years
Rebecca Adams, LCSW

Diane Dillard Broadnax, LCSW-C,

Laurel Damsel, LICSW,

Adrienne Farrar, Ph.D.

Janan Frey, LCSW-C 


Lynn Hardesty, LCSW-C,

Trent Lewis, LICSW

Andrea Lev, LCSW-C

Hal Lipton, LCSW-C 



"Psychiatric Assessment"



"Strategies for Social Work Practice"

"Behavioral Health"

"Cancer Care" 

And many more!

Haley Lipton, LICSW 

Lenne Lipton 

Joan McKinon,LICSW

Sinem Meneses, LICSW-C 

Patricia O’Donnell, Ph.D.

Miriam Ratner, LICSW,

Paul Stolzenbach,LCSW

Regina Tosca, LICSW

Tyrone White, LGSW

James Zabora, Ph.D.

Mary Ryan, LICSW

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